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  • Hotel Stay near Umhlanga in North Coast

Fairmont Zimbali Lodge is a lifetime away from the madding crowd, set within the serene confines of a coastal forest reserve on the north coast of KwaZulu-Natal.

Fairmont Zimbali Lodge is one of South Africa's most well known properties offering stunning views and engaging service. From here you can explore the historical vestiges of the Anglo Boer War, experience the fascinating ethnic mosaic of diverse cultures, and hike unimpeded through natural wonders of forest and indigenous gardens. Among the picturesque hills and rock formations of this sweeping landscape you will pay homage to the fearless, spear-wielding Zulu impi's, honour the sophisticated and rampant British soldiers and revere the dedicated heroism of the Boers. If you wish to escape the clutches of history - fishing, scuba diving, dolphin adventure, game drives, helicopter flips and the entire gamut of adventure sports are available

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